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Why to update?

ALFA Player software updates are released to add new apps and functions, and sometimes fix bugs or glitches. Whether you have ALFA 10, ALFA 11, or ALFA 12 Smart Headrest Players, keeping your software up to date is very important. To get the most out of your Player, download the updates as soon as they become available by using a USB thumb drive or SD Card. If you're still experiencing any problems or errors, service may be required. Our Support Center offers Mail-in Service.

Do not turn off the player until the update is complete.Updates generally take a few minutes, if it fails to update, please Contact Us.The Player will turn off and on automatically after completing a software update.Video and audio settings may be reset to their default settings after a software update.

Before the update!

  • Make sure to do a backup to all files.
  • The update file is a .img file that require an app to extract the file into the Micro SD card and temporarily turn it into a boot device.
  • You will need an android .img file opener, we recommend PhoenixCard_V3.1.0 

1. Press DiskCheck and select the extension.

2. Select the img file by pressing on Img File.

3. Make sure Product is selected in the write mode.

4. Press RUN.

5. Wait till the process says successfully completed then press EXIT and pull the SD Card.

How to update?

The latest software can be downloaded from the ALFA Series Download Center. Select your product and download the software file.

You must have the Software File extracted onto your Micro SD Card before proceeding with the steps below.

What you’ll need to perform a firmware upgrade?

  • Toothpick or similar non-conductive, thin and long rod

  1. Turn off the player.
  2. Plug in the SD Card containing the software upgrade into a TF Card port on your Smart Player i
  3. Turn the device on
  4. The download bar will show the process of the installation on the screen
  5. Give the player a minute or two to install the firmware. 
  6. Wait till the installation is completed and the screen becomes black
  7. Disconnect the TF Card or the USB thumb drive.
  8. Unplug the player from power.
  9. Give it 10 seconds then connect it back to the power.
  10. Turn power ON.
  11. Give the player several minutes to restart and install all of the apps. 

Apps to install

Please contact us if the firmware did not automatically install any of the apps that were in the player, our Support Center will be assisting you getting the apps back.

Other answers that might help 

Get ALFA Smart App

Free of charge for ALFA Series customers only, if you are an ALFA Series customer and purchased the player from a vendor please send us your invoice number along with the name of the seller and date of purchase, non ALFA Series customers are subject to $2.99/month with annual subscription or $4.99/month monthly subscription, fees may apply

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Files may be deleted after the update, we always recommend a backup before doing any update to the player, you may lose all or some of your files if there is a failure in the process of the update, Our customer service are more than welling to assist you on how to create a backup file.