Update on Alfa 10 Version 1

The Alfa Series Team   | March 17, 2019

ALFA10 V1 has been replaced with ALFA10 V2 and will stop being in existence starting from March 17, 2019 together with its service and support. However, the warranty on version 1 still remain active till it expires. Sales for ALPA10 V1 stops and ALPA10 V2 becomes available from April 16, 2019.

ALFA10 version 2 comes with lots of great updated features and increase in quality than was found in ALFA10 version 1 in order to provide the latest technologies and luxurious design.


ALFA10 v1 Smart is a unique combination of Android 6.0 tablet and DVD player with smart technology which make use of DVD discs. This model has been modified in ALFA10 version 2 where the DVD has been replaced with a bigger memory size to save movies on, or watch the movies, TV channels apps such as HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix.

This helps to keep the vehicle interior clean and in conclusion, the DVD player is an old technology. 

V1 vs V2

Smart headrest player:10.1 inch DVD player IPS display 1366*RGB*768 pixel LCD touch screen with suction type in ALFA10 v1 Compatible with most discs in market best company with processor A9 , ROM 8GB RAM 1GB. 16mm in thickness, 3.6 pounds. These features have been updated in ALFA10v2 with 10.8 inch LED touch screen with the DVD disc being replaced with a bigger memory size to save movies or watch them online. The LED touch screen has resolution of 1920*1080 pixel which is a true color screen with the processor A53, ROM 16GB RAM 2GB. ALFA10v2 is 7mm in thickness and lighter. Also 0.5 pounds. This ensures smooth gaming and speedy multimedia using experience, surfing movies online/watching them online, available for surf the web and download Apps, more easy to navigate and also gives the screen a cinematic view.

New innovation 2 in 1: Very perfect for in-car headrest use with less harm for your eyes and neck and the special design permits portable use anywhere anytime as you like. 

Multifunction media player: Support Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, Miracast, HDMI, FM; Support files from USB drive, TF cards. Great vehicle mount audiovisual equipment, apply user-friendly UI interface and very easy to install.


The Smart 10.8" LED Screen supports surfing of movies online and also watching them online through tv channels apps such as HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix because of bigger memory size. Enjoy watching the latest tv channels movies in Full HD resolution with cinematic view.

  •  10.8 inch Screen 
  •  1920*1080 Resolution curve Screen 
  •  Cinematic screen 
  •  Full Touch Screen 
  • Tv channels apps ready 
  •  LED Screen 
  •  Bigger memory size 
  •  Supports apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go.etc

Screen Share

Screen Share is a technology that doubles the screen of your device (mobile, tablet, PC ...) on the TV, like a remote display. This way, you can see the desktop, play your photos or watch a movie in full screen.

ALFA10v2 is able to Screen Share without a hotspot making it much easier and faster to transmit videos and high-quality audio.

Other Features

HDR, Perfect Black, Cinematic Color, Cinematic screen view, Rich Colors, Ultra Luminance, Pixel Level Dimming, Large memory size.

In conclusion V2 has been updated and modified the headrest in a way that it will be very much comfortable, easier and faster to use without any form of interruption. As V1 is leaving the market, V2 has come to stay making it available for the user to watch and latest movie online by surfing for it in the internet with a comfortable cinematic view and true color. No need of hotspot to Screen Share, processor faster than the previous, bigger memory size to store programs/movies rather than using an old-school  DVD player disc.