ALFA 11 Cigarette Charger Cord
ALFA 11 Cigarette Charger CordALFA 11 Cigarette Charger CordALFA 11 Cigarette Charger Cord

Switch from the hardwire to Cigarette socket charger, using ALFA Dual/Single head charger along with this cord to avoid the installation 



  • This cord is designed for ALFA 11 specifically and may NOT fit non-ALFA players. 
  • Dual/Single head cigarette socket charger is still needed.

ALFA 11 cord is used to switch from hardwired installation to a DIY Easy-Kit installation.

A professional installer is not required, however, it is always recommended to have a professional installer to install the smart player.

You still need a cigarette charger Dual or Single

Please be aware the AV In will no longer be available.

If you  want the AV-in please submit a feature request for a cigarette socket charging cable with AV-in through  here!