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ALFA Series Shipment Tracking System

National or International, works for all!



ALFA Shipment Tracking System (ASTS) is a tracking solution provided by Aftership Inc and do not physically handle the shipment of packages in any way. AfterShip is integrated with 400+ couriers to track and display the latest status of your package only. 

There is a possibility when there is no update about your package for long time and this raises question in your mind. There are a few possible reasons as mentioned below. 

      1. Delivery time varies a lot from country to country and is dependent on type of service chosen by your courier.

      2. Some services may take as long as 10 Business days to ship a package from one country to another e.g. USA to Russia. 

      3. On top of this there are additional checks e.g. custom checks done by various countries. This all may add to show your package in transit for a long time.

      4. Your package is stuck in customs due to various reason e.g. Correct custom duty amount is not paid etc.

      5. Fulfillment Center of ALFA Series ships orders by 02:00 PM every business day.


It normally takes 24 hour for the information to be updated, if you still see Shipping label is created or Shipment information is sent and yet  no update please contact us immediately via the email or contact us via the toll free number +1 (800) 556 – 1442.

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